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Holiday Decorator
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usinesses and homes are always decked out in decorations as special occasions draw near. It brightens up the neighbourhood and is definitely a great way to attract the crowd if you're running a business. All this is usually accounted for in the business' budget and can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars. Coming up with themes for the decorations is no easy feat though. Every business wants to be as tastefully unique as they can get within their budget so they usually leave this to the professionals. This is where you come in.

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You've got to be a creative person with a flair for decorating. You will be a natural when it comes to color combination and your visualization skills must be spot on. This is escpecially so because mistakes can cost lots of wasted time and money. You will need to meet with your clients and basically get an idea of what they want. Then you will propose a theme or concept that best meets their requirements. You also need to be someone who can work on a tight schedule. Many times, businesses will have to do the set up at night to avoid any inconvenience to their customers, so if you're not into working odd hours, it will be tough going. The rewards for a job well done are obvious - money, your client's appreciation, customers admiration and more importantly, repeat business and referrals. That's money decorating your bank account!

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