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Hand-made Dolls
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n a world of mass-produced Barbie dolls, many kids have not learnt to appreciate the uniqueness of hand-made toys. Everything is about glitz and glamour and that's means money - money out from parent's pockets and into the toy company's! I remember a time when my friends used to love playing with dolls that their moms made with leftover cloth and cotton stuffing. We tried it with our four year old daughter and were pleasantly surprised that even though she owned more Barbies than we dare admit, she also loves that home-made doll from mummy.

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If you're a creative person with sewing skills, you could try your hand at producing hand-made dolls. Remember that your selling point is the quaint uniqueness of each doll you produce. There ARE people who value fine craftsmanship and if your hand-made dolls are such items, they can fetch a very nice price indeed. Taking this idea one step further, you could even take custom orders where you produce dolls with customer-specified characteristics. You could even make the clothes from bits of old clothes from your customer's children. That way, the doll becomes more than just a toy - it becomes a part of the child's personal history. With a bit of clever marketing, you could position yourself as a maker of fine hand-made dolls. That's money!

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