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Crispy Insects
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o, once again I have not flipped. If you visit countries like Thailand and China and you happen to stroll along their many night markets, you will be amazed at the abundance of food items on sale. One of the very popular treats are Crispy Insects - bugs deep fried till they're crispy! Everything from ants to grasshoppers, crickets, scropions and worms can be deep-fried (in your choice of batter, in some places) and served hot and 'tasty'!

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Like I said, although this may seem strange, for people in many countries these items are actually considered a treat. It kind of makes sense actually, when you consider that bugs are rich in protein and fibre - if you can stand eating them that is - and they can be found in abundance in many places! This means your cost is pretty low and your profits, high. Remember that like in any other food preparation, your "raw products" need to be cleansed and sanitized before serving. When you think about it though, if there ever was a food shortage in the world and we had to turn to alternative sources, you just might find yourself a really, really rich man. Better get a head start then... this might just be the next food fad!

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