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Hand-made Quilts
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ots of people go to great lengths to find the absolute perfect color combination and decor for their bedrooms, especially when it comes to their beds. After all, they spend at least one-third of their lives in bed, so they naturally want it to be cosy and comfy. That's why many people opt for hand-made quilts instead of mass produced ones. I don't know this personally, but some of my friends swear that hand-made quilts are "better". I must admit though, that I've seen many hand-made quilts that look absolutely beautiful - too beautiful too sleep in - and they're priced pretty high.

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If you're someone whose patient and great at sewing, then this just might be the perfect money maker for you. Your hand-made quilts will need to be creative and attractive and they may take a lot of time to produce, but the price that they fetch makes it worth your while. You can market your hand-made quilts as genuine one-of-a-kind designs, focussing on the fine needle work involved in each piece. You can even take custom orders from customers for specific designs. Of course, custom orders cost more... and that's good for you. You might want to consider selling your hand-made quilts in an uptown area where you are more likely to attract customers with higher spending power. As you expand your business, you could consider taking on part time help. That way, you increase your output and your profits... but don't forget that quality must always come first. It's the reason customers will pay you good money for your hand-made quilts!

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