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Photo Quilts
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chanced upon this unique service at our local mall one day. There was this beautiful quilt made of what looked like old photos. Upon closer examination, I found that the pictures where actually made of cloth. Being the nosy person that I am, I asked the person manning the store about it. It seems the photos were silk-screened onto cloth and then the different (cloth) photos were sewn into the quilt. I was told that once the photos where transfered onto cloth, they could be sewn into any design required. This got me thinking....

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This is a great money maker that combines art and technology and if you're into quilts and silk-screen, you could make a nice bundle of cash! It's a fantastic way to incorporate family photos into your creative quilt designs. This makes for a very, very nice gift with a personal touch. People will treasure their photo quilts, not to mention the thrill of falling asleep and waking up with your loved ones. You'll want to have sample designs ready - computer based is really a good idea. You then scan your clients' photos and merge them into the sample artwork. That way, they can see what their photo quilt will look like. Since quilt making is a labour intensive and time consuming art, you might want to consider producing your quilts with machines instead of having them hand-made. That way, you cut down costs for you AND your client and that translates into more money for you!

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