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ouldn't it be great if Michael Jackson sing a couple of songs during your company's New Year party? What about having Bruce Springsteen belt a couple of his numbers at your kid's sixteenth birthday? Well it's not really impossible. You won't get the real thing, but you'd come close though. Professional impersonators can really fool you into thinking that they're really who they're impersonating. They add excitement to any event... and they're really a lot cheaper to book than the real celebrity!

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This isn't something that you can pick up easily, but if you happen to have the talent for mimicking other people, you could potentially make lots of money as a professional impersonator. There are people who have made a career out of impersonating people - probably one of the most famous being Elvis Presley. You might want to operate on your own but chances are you will find the going easier if you hook up with a talent agency. If you're any good, you WILL get lots of gigs and you will eventually command a handsome fee for your appearances. Can you hear the sound of money in your bank account?

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