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Image Superimposing
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y five year old asked me one day whether she could have her photo taken with the The Little Mermaid (Disney's cartoon character). I told her that The Little Mermaid was actually an imaginary character - a cartoon - and that it wasn't possible for her to have a photo taken with her. It didn't occur to me what she meant until a trip to our local mall. An enterprising couple had a small set-up where they would take photos of children and superimpose it against a photo of their favorite cartoon character or hero. It was obviously a thrill for these kids.

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This money maker does require a fair bit of investment - you will need a digital camera, lighting equipment, a computer, image editing software and the skill to operate the software. What you do is basically take a photo of your customer against a green or blue backdrop. In the resulting photo, the green or blue background is digitally removed from the image, the edges of customer softened (feathered) and then superimposed against the photo of their chosen cartoon character. The final (superimposed) image is then printed on photo paper which makes it look very professional. You would charge your customer according to the size of the print required. You might want to check out your local laws governing the use of copyrighted images or characters before you start. This is a nice weekend money maker you can set up when the malls are crowded with shoppers.

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