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Pet Photographer
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ets are wonderful. They become so much a part of your family sometimes that it's hard to imagine your lives without them. Some pet owners love having photos taken of their furry friends - and they probably have more photos of their pets than themselves! For whatever reasons the owners may have to take photos of their pets, one fact remains - taking (good) photos of pets requires skills and patience!

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If you're a good photographer and you love animals, you could make yourself quite a profitable niche market by being a professional pet photographer. Your job is pretty much the same as a regular "people" photographer except for the fact that you have a way with animals and you can work wonders with the camera! This is a great money maker if you can set up shop in a really exclusive shopping area or uptown mall. Here's where you'll probably find lots of clients who won't mind forking out money to have a whole bunch of photos of their beloved pets! But if you do plan on an up-market set-up, remember that you'll need to be a people person as well. Your clients will probably be harder to handle than the animals! Still, it's a great money maker!

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