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Baby Photographer
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here's a world reknowned photographer named Anne Geddes. You've probably seen her works one time or another. She takes fantastic photos of babies - from simple baby shots to babies in colorful costumes. One can only imagine the patience and perseverance it takes to get those wonderfully natural shots of babies. Her works are transformed into wall calenders, posters and cards. Now, most of us have probably taken photos of our babies or kids and we've probably taken some nice shots, but nowhere as professional as those by Anne. To get those kinds of photos, you've got to have a knack for working with babies.

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Being a good photographer is the first step to setting up this money maker. If you've got a way with babies, then even better! Sorry folks, there ain't no short cut to these two critical skills. While you could learn photography, the latter is something that you either have or you don't! You'll want to set up a studio that's conducive to babies. You want to make them comfortable because that translates into natural (no fake posing) shots. This is a business that grows with your reputation. Word of mouth is crucial and so is your portfolio. When parents like what they see in your portfolio, they probably won't mind paying good money to have their babies photos taken. Remember that parents can be really (really) fussy and they might intefere with your creative process so you'll need to be a patient people person as well. Remember, it doesn't have to stop at just baby photography. You could also go the way Anne Geddes has and build a professional career and business around your skills.

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