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Pet Clothes
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s society becomes more affluent and sophisticated, owning a pet becomes more common. For many pet owners, nothing is too good for their pets. I found out recently that clothes designed for pets can often cost more than quality clothing for humans! In fact, one particular doggie T-shirt I looked at cost more than the pants I was wearing and I grumbled about how much my pants cost!

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These pet clothes were imported though, so I thought to myself, I could easily put together a couple of designs and market them at half the cost, and still make money! I won't do it of course, given the fact that I can't even thread a needle without my wife's help let alone handle a sewing machine! However, I'm sure there are quite a number of you who are competent at sewing and possess a flair for design. If you're a pet owner, that makes it even easier since you have a live-in model with you! What you want to do is check out the various pet clothes designs that are available in your local pet stores, and visit the many pet websites to get an idea of what's in and what's not. Then, you've got to experiment. If your designs are any good, there won't be any problem finding pet stores that will help you sell them. This is a nice money maker for the stay-at-home grandma who's a whiz at the sewing machine and loves to see pets looking good! You never know... if your designs really catch on, you might just be the next big name in pet fashion!

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