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Kid Hotel
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hen busy parents need to go outstation or overseas on career assignments, they often place their children in the care of a relative or trusted friend. That way, they can be assured of their children's safety and well-being. However, this is not always possible as their friends and relatives may not be available especially if parents need to be on the move on short notice. Enter YOU - Kid Hotel operator.

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You are basically a child-sitter except you will take care of your "guests" overnight for periods ranging from a few days to a few weeks. You obviously need to be someone who loves children. You will need to have a couple of spare rooms in case you expect to have more than a handfull of "guests" staying with you. Prior to your guest's arrival, you will need to meet with the child's parents and find out the details of the child. You will need to take note of the child's school, their schedule and any special need the child may have. Take special note of medical conditions that the child may have and be prepared with a list of medication and family doctors. During school breaks, you will need to plan daily activities for your guests to keep them occupied. Every parent knows that kids with lots of time and nothing to do leads to HAVOC, so be prepared. You should also come to a clear understanding of how discipline is to be handled. If either party is not agreeable, then it may be best NOT to accept the child into your care.

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