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Custom Doll Houses
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'm glad that in this age of high tech gizmos and gadgets, my five year old, Sara actually prefers to play with wooden doll houses. I'm even surprised that there are many other little girls who have the same preference! I saw a group of small girls playing with a worn out doll house displayed in our local toy store. No, I wasn't surprised that they were playing with doll houses, I was surprised because there were other "modern" doll houses just beside them, but they were content to play with this "old fashioned" one! I realized this could be a money maker for you.

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You'll need some basic skills in woodwork if you want to make custom doll houses. Having a five-year-old critic helps too. There's nothing like watching a little girl play with a doll house to learn what they like and what they don't. You can make each doll house a unique design, and market them at your local mall or toy store. You could have standard designs which customers could buy right off the shelf or you could take orders for custom doll houses. Remember though, that if you intend to take orders for custom doll houses, you will need to target the up-market shopping malls. One great way to attract customers is to place a couple of sample houses for the kids to play with complete with dolls and furniture. If your doll houses are any good, they'll be asking for one for Christmas!

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