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Document Restoration
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ll of us have documents that we need to keep filed securely. Not all of us do it very well though. Over the course of time, many documents can get lost or chucked aside until they're needed. We then launch a big hunt to find them only to discover they're faded and tattered! For many such documents, the issuing party no longer exists and there is no way to get the document re-issued or re-printed so that leaves the owners with only two options - to live with it, or to get the document professionally restored.

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This field requires specialized skills and knowledge, so you can't start one overnight, but if you do have experience working in large libraries, museums or document restoration companies, you might just want to go into it yourself. You will use the many tools and skills available to restore documents. Some documents may just need to be scanned and digitally edited before being reproduced while others may require stains and smudges removed. In any case, bear in mind that it IS an offence to reproduce certain documents, so check you will need to know your local laws governing this. This is a specialized skill that will put you in a niche market, so you won't really have to worry about competitors. Among the many organizations that will need your services are libraries, law firms, engineering and architectural firms. For many, they do it for the love of the art of document restoration itself and not for the money.

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