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Pet Cafe
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read about this cafe where you could go have a meal with your pet! Now most pet-owners will know that restaurants generally have a no-pet rule but in this cafe, pets are more than welcome - they're pampered! The menus have clearly separate sections for humans and pets so you don't accidently wolf down your doggie's dinner by mistake. Apparently, that's really possible since the meals for pets are prepared with equal care as the meals for their owners. What's more, there's a breakdown of the nutritional value of the pet's meal in the menu.... how about that?!!!

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Now I understand that in most countries, pet ownership has not reached a stage where you would actually sit at a table and dine with your pet. However, if you happen to live somewhere that does, you might just want to give this a try. Since this is a new concept, you generally are free to make up your own rules about how to start and how you operate. A thought did cross my mind though... you might want to have private rooms or separate sections for dogs and cats and "exotic" pets. You definitely do not want your pet chasing someone else's pet right in the middle of dinner or worse still, having your pet nibbling someone else's!!!

If also occured to me that a toned-down version of this might be a take-away cafe, where you could order specially prepared meals for your pets as a treat. This will probably cost less to set up and you don't have to worry about cleaning those little pet accidents on the floor. With today's society growing more affluent and open to new things, this just might be a really nice money maker for the pet-loving entrepreneur!

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