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Detox Smoothies
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owadays, more and more people are getting health conscious. They watch what they eat, they keep fit and they actively look for ways to detoxify their bodies. Now, that's a word that you didn't hear that often ten years ago. I remember my grandmother once told me that to keep your body in tip-top condition, you just needed to exercise and eat lots and lots of fruit and veggie. Today, there are a thousand and one diets that promise to detoxify every organ in your body! One of my favorite ways to keep up with this fad is Detox Smoothies. They're basically concoctions made of crushed ice with fruit and veggie blended into a smoothie. I'm told that different combinations of fruit, veggie and herbs help to cleanse the inside of me... and there's a lot of me to cleanse, considering my size! Whatever the claim, I just like them because they taste good...

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You've got to be someone who's health-conscious, and creative with food if you're thinking of jumping into this. You should also build your knowledge the benefits of detoxification. You can easily run this from a kiosk in your local mall. You will need a fresh supply of fruit, veggie and natural detoxifiers (herbs and roots), heavy-duty blender and a cooler or freezer. If you've got a bigger budget, you can always do with a larget set-up, but this would probably work better if you were located in an up-market mall. A cosy atmosphere will probably attract more customers who want to sit and enjoy their smoothie or just hang out with their friends. You might want to provide "detox" snacks as well, to complement your smoothies. Maybe you could make it a complete detox experience by providing health magazines and screen health-related programmes on a TV!

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