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Personalized Flowers
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friend of mine once received a bunch of roses on Valentine's Day. It looked like normal roses until the other ladies in the office started gatherin around her. I couldn't help but wonder what the ooh-ing and aah-ing was all about. There was a short, sweet message imprinted on the petals of the roses. I became a busy-body and contacted the florist and asked how it was done. Apparently it was a simple process of making a stamp of the required message (just like your regular office stamp) and just printing that message on the petals by hand using a quick drying dye. The trick was really in applying enough pressure for the message to be imprinted on the petals without damaging them.

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You could try out this money maker come Valentine's Day. You will need a couple of stamps with standard messages but customers can request a customized message. This will take longer as you will need to have the stamp made. Remember that this will also cost more, since the stamp can only be used once. If you've never done this, you might want to practice with the flowers in your garden! Every petal will have different textures so be prepared. When you're ready, you can advertise your personalized flowers and start making money!

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