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Scrap Metal
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elieve it or not, there was a report in the local daily recently about thieves who broke into a golf course and stole the metal linings in the putting holes! Apparently, these could be sold as scrap metal and what's even more surprising is that if you have enough of them, you could make quite a nice profit! A scrap metal dealer in the report said that they paid very little to the people who brought in these scrap metal items compared to the price they got when they sold their loads of scrap metal to the metal companies to be re-cycled or processed into metal sheets. Reading this, I finally realized why I have two highly educated friends who are in this business when they could easily be sitting in a comfy, air conditioned office!

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This money maker isn't for you if you're afraid of hard or dirty work. You need to be comfortable working with junk (scrap metal). You will need a large area to store scrap metal that you collect from your many sources. I trust that you will be careful to avoid getting your scrap metal from suspicious sources lest you be accused of buying stolen merchandise. You will probably have to invest in a truck to ferry your scrap metal to the metal factories and you will need to employ workers to help you out. At the rate that consumers seems to be throwing things out, it doesn't seem likely that there will be any shortage of scrap metal for you. It seems one man's junk is another man's money!

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