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Funny Fruit/Veggie
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ou've heard of kids going to art classes, music classes and dance lessons but what about cooking class? Many people don't think of it that way, but cooking

I once saw a square apple - really. It looked amazing! I read about it once in a science book but I never actually thought it was possible until lo and behold, I was holding a square apple! The lady told me the process was simple. As the young apples appeared on the tree, you simply enclosed it in a sturdy, clear container. When the apple grew, the restricted space forced the apple to grow into the shape of the container. No, it wasn't perfectly shaped like a cube, but it was square enough! Apparently, you could do it with a wide variety of fruit and veggie.

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OK, I'll be honest - this probably won't make you rich, but if you're up to the challenge, you could try your hand at it. People will probably buy these funny fruit and veggie more for the novelty than anything else, so you might want to think of creative ways to package them. Marketing them as gifts would probably make more sense than selling them as fresh produce. If you're someone with green thumbs, and lots of time to spare, why not grow some funny fruit and veggie?

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