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Walking Jukebox
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love jukeboxes. I've noticed many couples like them too - especially if they're in a cosy little burger joint or favorite hangout. They'd cuddle and listen as the jukebox plays their favorite songs. Jukeboxes don't necessarily have to be plugged in though to play music though. We're talking about walking jukeboxes here - the kind that have two hands and two legs and still make music... Here's a money maker that takes busking and gives it a new twist.

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If you're fairly talented at playing a musical instrument, you might want to make this a weekend or holiday money maker. You'd take to your local mall or favourite hangout with your instrument and play a tune for folks for a small fee. You could think of yourself as a walking busker. You'd approach people and ask them if they'd like to dedicate a tune to their girlfriend/wife/friend for a fee. They then choose a tune from your list and you play the tune for them. Obviously some instruments are more suited for this - saxaphones, guitars, trumpets and flutes being among them. You definitely can't bring your harp along... You don't have to confine yourself to public places. Restaurants could hire you to play your tunes for their customers, or businesses can hire you to advertise their businesses by playing and walking around the mall. People will definitely take a second look when they hear you playing and walking around. Think about it... nice way to spend your weekends or nights - making music AND money.

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