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Portraiture From Photos
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ost of us have photos of loved ones present and past. It's easy to reproduce these photos today with the help of modern digital reproduction. Many find that reproducing them as painted portraits also lends an air of nostalgia to these priceless photos. These portraits also make a very nice and personal gift to our loved ones. We've all seen lovely portraits hanging on the walls of homes.

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There are a number of ways you can produce portraitures from photos. It all depends on your personal abilities. If you're great with the paint brush, then you might want to take your trade to the local mall or set up shop in your local artist hangout. Most people tend to head to these places when they need such services. If you're more technically inclined you could use your digital skills to reproduce these photos in a variety of ways - depending on your client's preference. The great thing about going digital is of course the time and convenience factor. You could even use your digital magic to produce the portraits with a paint-brush texture or against any prefered background. The down side to this is it costs more to set-up. You will need a computer, very good scanner and the necessary software to manipulate the images. Whatever, your preference, the quality of your finished product is what detemines whether you make good money or not.

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