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eople today are always in a rush. They never seem to have time to have a proper meal, much less a balanced one, but they all realize the need for a daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Too many people stuff their systems with fast food and snacks as they rush through their daily schedule, oblivious to the long term harm they are causing their health.

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This money maker is perfect for the health conscious hard-working entrepreneur. What you want to do first is find a reliable source of fresh fruit and veggie that you can turn into delicious salads. You will ideally have about a dozen or so items on your salad-in-a-cup menu - anything from fruit salads to leafy salads and everything in between. Salads are easy to prepare. You just have to watch out for quality and freshness. Nobody wants limp veggie and bruised fruit in their salads. Then, it's location, location, location! You have got to place yourself in a busy area where there are large numbers of busy people rushing around. If you make your salads fresh, tasty and convenient, there's no reason why you won't be making lots of money in the process!

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