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Polishing Service
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e love to see shiny things - from silverware to trophies. Keeping those things shiny is not as easy as it seems though. Anyone who's ever had to polish a car will understand. Although smaller items may seem easy to polish, if you have maybe ten or a hundred of those little items, it becomes really hard work indeed!

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This is a simple part-time money maker for the clean freak! If you absolutely love to see things looking shiny and new, then this is the perfect thing for you. You basically offer your polishing service to folk with items that need to be polished on a regular basis. You will handle anything from silverware to trophies to cars. If the items can be transported back to your home or garage for polishing, then you can take your time shining them. Make sure you take a detailed inventory of anything you bring home though, and have your client sign a release form. If you have a couple of extra hands (your kids, husband, wife etc) then it will make your job easier. If however the item to be shined is large or valuable and cannot be removed from it's place, then you will need to perform your polishing magic on-site. Good weekend money maker for retired folk and students on their school break.

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