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Adsense Secrets
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oel Comm is a regular guy who has made a fortune with the Google Adsense program. He has documented his findings on how to maximize your earnings in various eBooks and reports. He was behind a website called ClassicGames.com, which later was purchased by Yahoo and became Yahoo Games.

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His explanations of the Google Adsense program and how it works are clear and appropriate for any complete neophyte, but the real value from his product comes from the case studies and the example websites he shares. So many ebooks provide terrible examples that you would be foolish to follow, and they don't share any of their legitimate websites for fear of creating additional competition. Comm's Adsense ebook is refreshingly different in this respect, and he shares his own URL's and several other people's URL's. And all of the examples have done beautiful jobs of integrating Google Adsense with their own content.

His affiliate program makes for a good money maker for any affiliate. Give it a try here :


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