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s society grows more sophisticated, so does it's needs. Take the camera for instance. There was a time when any camera would suffice, but now people have the wide options of SLR cameras, digital cameras, camera phones, videocams ... the list goes on. With all these special interests comes niches markets. People are hungry for information about their special interests and they have the budget to support their needs! One popular source of niche information is the very many niche newsletters that are appearing on the market. These small niche newsletters fill a void in the information market catering to niche interests.

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If you have specific talents like writing, live in special locations or have any other specific skills that makes you unique, you can publish your very own newsletter and make money from it. Your newsletter doesn't need to be as professionally produced as a glossy magazine, but it should be well designed and readable. Your first step is to find a valuable topic that will sell. By far, saving money and making money are two of the best topics for newsletters. There must be something in your idea that will compel audiences to buy your publication ­ will it help them improve their lives and can they learn anything from it? It is also important if yours is a researchable topic to ensure longevity of your home business. This means that you will not run out of material to write about. Your idea must have a large potential audience, and there must be a way to reach your target market.

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