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Drunk Driver Assist
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any people like to have a night out with our friends, partying and clubbing. Often, this means music, food and drinking. Alcohol intake can have differing effects on different folk, but one thing is for sure - statistics show that drunk-driving is one of the major causes of accidents and road deaths. When people find themselves a little tipsy and unable to drive, they usually need to call for a taxi but this leaves them with another problem - they have to leave their cars unattended and open to crime. What they need is a way for them (and their car) to reach home safely. Enter you, the Drunk Driver Assistant.

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You would ideally work in pairs. When a client calls for your assistance, you will travel to your client's pick up point. Then, you will drive your client home while your partner follows in another vehicle to facilitate your return trip. Motorcycles are a great choice for your second vehicle - they're mobile, cost efficient and can get through traffic really quick - something your client will desperately need. There are a number of ways to work our you system, but the basic idea is to ensure your client gets home safely. You could work on a contract basis for companies that regularly need to entertain clients and run the risk of someone getting drunk. That way, you will have a regular source of business. This service also helps saves lives.

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