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Garden Tilling Service
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eople with gardens and land often need to turnover their soil before re-planting fresh seed to grow new plants or new grass. There are a couple of ways to do this. I remember the old fashioned way was with the good old hoe. My brothers and I would whack the ground and turn over the soil with our little hoes. It was a back breaking task that we enjoy simply because we could get dirty and still be paid! However, with a rotovator, an expensive tool which not many people buy or use frequently, you could offer a service which helps them complete this task, by doing the work for them.

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You could begin by purchasing a second-hand rotovator or through the classifieds. To advertise, place leaflets through the letterboxes of suitable prospects and advertise in the local press. This is a fairly physical money maker so you'll need to be fit. You also have to consider how you will transport your rotovator to your client's home. This means you will need a van or pickup. New homebuyers are a good source of potential customers, because the gardens which come with their new home are not always grassed over. With a suitable contact and source of supply, you could offer a turf laying service as well. Neither of these tasks needs a great amount of skill, just the right equipment and plenty of energy.

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