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Mattress Cleaning Service
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any people know that they spend on third of their lives in bed, but don't give much thought to the cleanliness of the place they spend that time in - the mattress! Research has shown that dirty mattresses are a primary cause of many problems from skins disorders to asthma and allergies. I remember when I was a boy, my mom would make me carry out my mattress every two week or so to dry in the sun. Then I would have to beat it with a stick and I remember the dust that puffed out from my mattress with each whack! These days though, with many folk living in high-rise apartment buildings, the old fashioned way just can't be done anymore. That's where they'll need your mattress cleaning service.

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These days, there are machines and cleaning solutions that can help you do the job in a fraction of the time and can be done on site. To save costs during your start up, you might want to buy a second hand machine at auctions. Advertising your business with flyers and posters come next. You might want to consider advertising in Home, Family and Interior Decorating magazines. That way, you're specifically targetting markets that need your service. Motels and small bed and breakfasts are great places to look for business too. After that, it's up to you to provide the most friendly and efficient service possible. It's a great service that's always in need so you don't have to worry too much about not having customers.

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