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Flower Planting Kits
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eople like having little indoor plants and flowers that they can easily place on their cramped offices or apartments. While it saves time to just buy a potted plant straight from the store, it's more fun if you can actually plant it yourself. That, however, brings up another problem. You would have to buy the pot, soil and seeds separately. It saves time if you could pop into a store and browse for kits that include all the stuff you need to raise your own plant right from the start!

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You could buy pots, soil and seeds from a wholesaler, then repackage them as flower planting kits. You can include anything you want in your kits and charge accordingly. That way, people don't have to mess with bags of soil and seeds. They'll have all they need to plant their own flowers, nothing more, nothing less. These kits will also make nice house warming gifts. To make your flower planting kits complete, you might want to do the necessary research and include a small booklet about the flowers as well as instructions on how to take care of the plants. Remember, there's no expiry date for these kits, so you can store them for as long as you need and if you package your kits as attractively as possible, you can make a really nice profit.

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