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Ready-to-cook Dishes
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usy people often rush to the supermarket after work and browse the aisles for what to cook for dinner. If they're the type that plan, then no problems, but more often than not, they don't have any idea what's for dinner, leaving 'inspiration' to hit them at the super! Problem with this is they tend to forget certain ingredients from time to time and that either means another rushed trip to the store or winging it and try to make do without the ingredient. It would be nicer if everything came in one package!

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Preparing Ready-to-cook dishes means you prepare all the ingredients for a particular dish and packed them into an easy do-it-yourself package. That way, all the customer has to do is unpack the raw materials and pop them into the pan or microwave. It saves loads of time and customers get to taste fresh food that they can more of less say they cooked themselves! If you want to keep your products for a longer time, that means you will need to freeze them. You could sell them by setting up a small stall at your local marketplace or if you intend to hit a larger market, you might want to contact your local supermarkets or grocery store and ask if they'd like to help sell your dishes. Starting with a handful of popular dishes might be a good idea, freezing them to extend their shelf-life and when business picks up, you could include more variety, including veggie dishes. Keep in mind that in most countries, there are strickt laws governing food production, so do yourself a favor and find out about your local regulations before you jump into this.

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