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Catch Your Dinner
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'm not a fish person. Allergic to it. So I'm always amazed that after a meal of fish, people are able to tell how fresh the fish was or wasn't. I wouldn't be able to tell if the fish was fresh or not unless it up and bit me in the nose, but some people demand nothing less than the freshest! That's why there are many fish tanks in restaurantst that allow customers to choose their live fish. That way, they can be assured that their fish is fresh. Here's a money maker with a twist to that concept. I've been to a place where you have to drive past a small pond before you reach the restaurant. This restaurant apparently offers their guests the option of choosing their fish from a tank or actually catching it themselves!

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Here's how it works. If you've got time to burn and you love fishing, then you'll go to the restaurant armed with your own fishing rod or you could loan one from them. Then you find a comfy place, and catch your own fish. If your family is into outdoor activities, then you could all have a go at catching enough fish for everyone to enjoy. Simple. The fish is weighed then cleaned and cooked according to how you want it done. You'll then be seated at your table. They have regular dishes too, so you can order anything else as you wait for your fresh fish to be served! Here's another way you could make this a different experience for your customers. Why not have an open barbeque pit where your cook can actually grill or barbeque the fish in full view? I'm told the owner of this restaurant is a very rich and happy. I don't see any reason why you can't be too...

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