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Freelance Copywriter
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riting good copy is important when you need to communicate anything to the public, whether it's a book, report or an advertisement. Copywriting is a skill that is often taken for granted, but good copy can make the difference between making sales with money well spent or looking foolish with bad copy. These days, it's common to see glaring errors by in-house by staff who don't have the skills nor training to write good copy. That's why Freelance Copywriters are often sought after by small to medium sized companies.

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As a Freelance Copywriter, you will sell your writing skills to whoever needs to have good copy written be it for a promotional campaign or an in-house newsletter. You will be proficient in your chosen language (being bi-lingual is a definite plus) and you will have a way with words. You will also need to be a people person because you will be dealing first and foremost with people - your clients - and your target audience will of course be people. You will be someone who can take the concepts and ideas of your clients and describe it in words easily understood by the ordinary man-on-the-street. It helps to promote yourself by networking with advertising agencies. It also helps to advertise your writing skills with a blog or a website. That way, when you leave your business card with a potential client, they can easily browse your blogs or websites and form their own opinion of your writing skills. Freelance copywriting can be a lucrative money maker for stay-at-home moms or dads with the right skills.

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