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Pet Caskets/Tombstones
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've buried two hamsters, two cats and countless goldfish in my lifetime - pets that met an untimely death. For many of us, burying a pet is as simple as digging a hole in our gardens and placing the "deceased" in them. That's it! I'm told however, that there people who love their pets so much that they would be aghast at such a thought. Nothing would be too good for their beloved pets - even in death. In the event of their pets death, they bury them in caskets and place a tombstone to mark the grave!

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You might want to consider this money maker if you're skilled at woodwork or masonry. You can advertise with flyers, posters or namecards placed at your local pet stores. Having a catalogue of sample designs would help expedite the choice of casket or tombstone. You will need to deliver the caskets promptly and the tombstones as soon as you can have them ready. Remember that customers who come to you for your products will do so because they loved their pets very much. You will need to be sensitive to their loss. I believe this money maker has a bright future especially since humans are taking pet ownership more seriously.

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