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Low Cost Gym
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veryone knows it's important to keep fit. That's why gyms and health centers have been making a bundle of cash in recent years. Truth be told, even though people know they need to exercise, they may not be able to afford the membership or may just feel uncomfortable in a trendy, modern gym. What these folk want is just a place that has the equipment to give them a workout, minus the frills.

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This is a money maker that's just perfect for the health and fitness conscious person. You target market will be the low to middle class folk. You don't need fancy machines for your gym - remember you are supposed to be low cost - but you do need to make sure that your equipment is not inferior so as NOT to pose a risk to your customers. You will lower your costs if you can source for second hand equipment from gyms that are upgrading their equipment. As for the decor of your gym, you basically want a simple look with clean showers and washrooms. After a sweaty workout, the last thing people want to face is a dirty shower, even if you are a low cost gym. Depending on the size of your membership, you might only need to hire one or two assistants to oversee your customers who are using the equipment. Remember, your rules are different - you are a low cost gym - but your service can still be top-class. That means customer relationship - building a rapport with them. When people feel comfortable with you, they're more likely to keep coming back, choosing you over the nice, posh place down the road. Nice way to help people keep fit and still make money doing it!

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