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Rock n Roll Camp
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any of you would have seen a movie called "The School of Rock". It's about a misfit true-blue rock musician who eventually finds his calling is to teach kids how to play in a band and on stage. Many musicians are talented people who have never attended "proper" music training. They picked up music and learned stage techniques the hard way - trial and error! A Rock n Roll camp will be the place where young people can come and learn how to perform with their rock instruments - especially the guitar, bass and drums or learn stage techniques - the stuff that the don't really teach you in music school! It's also the place where they can learn about the technicalities involved in staging a concert from sound systems to lighting to marketing.

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If you're musically gifted with performing experience, why not teach others how you strut your stuff on stage? You don't have to have a large set-up. Even holding rock guitar clinics would constitute a basic Rock n Roll camp. While you won't be teaching the serious stuff like music theory, it would definitely help if you ARE trained yourself. Take all that knowledge inside your head and turn it into a series of lessons that kids will find really fun. As your reputation and set up grows, you can add the necessary equipment and staff. Your Rock n Roll camp will be the place where your students start learning how to play like a star and who knows... you could end up teaching the next Van Halen or Yngwie Malmsteen!

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