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Frog Catcher
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ave you ever eaten a frog? Fried frog legs are nice and crispy. They taste a bit like chicken. They're nutricious too. In many wet markets in Asia, it's common to see people selling live frogs or frog meat as a delicacy. I know that in many countries this wouldn't be the most legal or "politically correct" trade and would constitute cruelty to animals, but it is very lucrative. Frog catchers go out at night in the rivers or fields especially after a rain and they catch dozens of frogs which they sell. No cost - just their time. They usually do this as a part-time business, although I have heard of some folk who do it full-time during the rainy season when frogs are plentiful.

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No qualifications required for this money maker. If you can catch a frog, you can make money. Many of these traders don't even need a permanent place to ply their products. They just set down their cage full of frogs and when customers stop buy and choose what they want, they slaughter then on the spot. The more enterprising ones freeze the frog meat and supply restaurants regularly. I stand corrected. After writing this, I suppose there are qualifications you need. You need to have a strong stomach, don't mind smelly, wet places and holding slippery, wet frogs! Then again... think about what a lucrative trade this is.

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