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One-stop Party Store
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nyone who's planned a party will know that there are a thousand-and-one details to consider, not to mention a hundred-and-one things that need to be bought. It can take a lot of time and legwork... unless there's a One-stop Party Store they can go to for everything that they may need, from party hats, themed paper plated to streamers and buntings!

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What you want to achieve is to try and have everything people will need for a party under one roof. You will carry as wide an assortment of party stuff. Having themed items also makes your store unique. For example, lets say someone wants to have a space theme for their party... you will have plates, cups, spoons, streamers, masks, hats and everthing else with space themed images or shapes. If there's something that can't be found at your store, you will know where to find it. You could also have a network of caterers and bakers who will be able to provide your customers with their food (according to their theme if need be). You'll need to consider having a store in a busy mall so work that into your start-up budget. However, this business could also be run from your home with a home office. You could always go meet them, bringing with you samples of what they might require. After they've agreed on the items, you can go gather them and deliver them to your customer. Don't forget the bill. That's what this is all about after all - making money!

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