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Specialized Online Directory
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hat do you do when you want to buy something or need a service but you're not sure where the nearest store or office is? What if the service you're looking for is a specialized service or not available in your country? Chances are, the information needed is somewhere on the Internet. The problem is when you look for something on the Internet via the search engines, you get a search result that includes a lot of irrelevant material. Specialized Online Directories help to solve this problem.

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Setting up a Specialized Online Directory can be done if you have the basic web design skills, but it helps if you have a higher level of technical and web knowledge. What you want to do is to contact as many companies or businesses that deal with your target niche - Fertility Clinics and Colon Cleansing Centers are examples. Then you will ask if they'd like to be listed in your directory for a yearly fee. What do they get in return? Well, you must make sure that when someone keys in the key words that are specific to your niche, you site is listed among the top ten. Then, when the visitor goes to your Specialized Online Directory, the will be able to search for the nearest branch.

This is a nice way to earn money for the enterprising individual who has specialzed knowledge on a particular service or product, but aren't able to physically be where their clients are. Professionals - engineers, artists, architects - might find this is a nice way to make money using their knowledge and expertise. If you can't be there for a customer, you can at least help them find someone via your Online Directory.

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