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Post-natal Care
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sian cultures especially the Chinese, still believe very much in maintaining rigid healthcare and diet for mothers after delivery. During this one or two month period called 'confinement', mother has to adhere to strict rules especially where her food is concerned. Couples usually employ an experienced lady who will stay with them during this time, taking care of baby and cooking for the mother. In many Asian cultures, this specialist is referred to as the 'Confinement Lady'.

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If you love babies and have experience in cooking for post-natal mums, then you could find yourself very much in demand as a 'confinement lady'. You will need to know what foods mother will require to regain her strength and vitality. As the specialist, you will be relied upon to provide information on baby care. Most new parents will be anxious with every little detail about their newborn, and will seek your advice often. Couples may have diferring needs for your service. The norm is that you will be required to stay with mother and baby for approximately one month. However, many couples may opt to have you come in only in the daytime. If you live nearby, this wouldn't be a problem. Post natal specialists are very respected and couples generally command a high fee for their services. Your reputation for providing excellent care to baby and mum may just keep you busy all year round.

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