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Room Service
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hen people decide to have take-away meals, they usually try to get all that they want from one place. This isn't always easy, especially if you have kids who all want different things and gettin them means criss-crossing from one store to another! You waste time stuck in traffic, looking for parking and waiting for the food to be prepared. Then when you get home, everything's gone a bit cold.

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This idea is based on the room service that you find in hotels. If you live in an area with lots of restaurants and traffic jams, then you might just want to try this out. It also helps if the area you plan to service is an up-market area where the 'rich' folk don't want the hassle of running around getting take-away food. What you do is come to an agreement with the restaurants you plan to include in the service. You compile all their menus into a booklet. Then you distribute the booklets to the homes and offices in your service area. When customers call you to make an order, you will in turn call the restaurants and relay the1 order. You or your staff will then pick up the food from the restaurants and deliver it to the customer. You will of course include a mark-up for providing the service. Hiring delivery staff on motorbikes if probably better than trying to do it in a car or van - you don't want to get stuck in a jam. For a bigger profit margin, you could try negotiating with the restaurants to give you a special price, minus the service charges and the hidden costs. After all, you ARE helping them get business!

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