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Online Video Rental
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othing like spending the night watching your favorite movie with your special other or with your family. With the cost of movie tickets going up these days, watching movies at home are more economical and you probably won't regret forking out good money for a movie that "sucked"!

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Many Video Rental stores are offering home delivery these days. It offers regular customers the convenience and helps to maintain a loyal customer base. To sign up for this service, customers need to go to their local Video Rental store and register, placing a small deposit and then they get their choice of movies delivered to their homes. As an Online Video Rental service, you don't really have to set up a physical store, although it makes more sense if you do. There are a number of ways you can go about this money maker.

What you need to do is have the latest movies added to your inventory on a regular basis. Then you need to have an online inventory tracking system where you keep track of your movies, making sure your stock balance is updated with every confirmed order. There are a number of off-the-shelf software that will allow you to do this.You could work on a prepaid system where your customers top up their prepaid balance after a certain number of video rentals. You could also work on a monthly subscription system where customers get the latest movies delivered and picked up on a regular schedule. While your Online Video Rental is an internet based money maker, you'll find that you are constrained by the delivery radius. This means that you need to operate in a densely populated area - cities for instance. However, as you expand, you can always have more delivery bases set up.

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