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Plywood Knick-knacks
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here are lots of knick-knacks that can be made using discarded items. Plywood is one such material that can be recycled into useful items and sold through gift shops and markets. Discarded plywood can easily be found in construction sites. They can also be bought from wood processing factories that have regular amounts of left over from their processing.

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If you're someone who's into woodwork, you could easily convert discarded plywood into such products in your garage and make money from them. Popular items that can be made from plywood are weather vanes, ships, squirrels, dogs, birds, row-boats, name and address backgrounds, picture puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, jewel boxes, comic plaques and doll furniture. How many items you can produced from any given amount of scrap plywood depends on how clever you are at maximizing every inch of raw material. A small investment is required for the equipment you'll need like electric drills, jigsaws, sanders, lacquer, shellac and paints. You can supply small art and craft stores with your products or sell them yourself in your local marketplace. This is a nice money making idea that can be run from your home.

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