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Stress Busting Center
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magine - for a buck, you get to throw a cup or plate at your boss and scream your lungs out at him. Apparently, there's this place in Japan where you can do just that instead of venting your anger and frustration at home and making everybody else your target. This enterprising man opened a place where people can go and for a small payment, his customers are a taken into a "screaming room" where they get to throw cups and plates at the wall or floor, scream their brains out, and basically release their pent up emotions - no holds barred - except you are not allowed to throw stuff at other people or hurt anyone. What do you get at the end of the session? According to those who have tried it, they feel a sense of relief at being able to "shout at their boss"!

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This was a great money maker from someone who saw a need and capitalized on it. You can also start your own stress busting center, offering all of the above and mebbe added services - anything from karaoke lounges to punch bags! Why not offer an enlarging service where folk can bring in a picture of their boss and have it enlarged, then paste it on a dart board for your customers to have a go! Remember... you want your customers to release their stress in a controlled environment, NOT build on it and send them home even more stressed out! Mebbe as an added service, you could make sure they leave with a stress relief kit comprising information on stress and contact numbers for help organizations.

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