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Organic Food
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t's difficult to eat healthy these days unless you deliberately plan it. What I mean is that everything from meat to vegetables are produced with some form of chemical assistance, be it the pesticide or feed that's used. People are alarmed whenever news reports reveal that certain pesticides, chemicals or methods used to produce our food are in effect dangerous to our health. That's why there are many farms these days are producing organic food - food grown the natural way, without chemical assistance. They've even taken it one step further and produced food that are made from organic raw products. Examples are cookies, cakes, breads and jams made from organic raw products.

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This is a niche market. The people you are targetting will be those who take health seriously. While much of the products that you sell can be self-made at home, if you intend to go about it in a big way, you will need to source for organically produced raw materials. They cost more than the mass produced (chemically enhanced) ones and tend to increase the price of your end-product, but there will be a ready market for your products. Depending on the size of your operation, you could either sell your products at your local market place, gradually working your way up to supplying grocery stores, or you could invest in a store at your local mall and target the urban health conscious folk. The key to your success will be the ability to market your organic food as critical to health while still being creative in the products that you produce. As our world grows more and more "poluted" more and more people will begin to seek wholesome food produced the way it was originally intended - organically.

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