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Mini Golf Course
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he only type of golf course I appreciate are Mini Golf Courses. These are the ones where you hit the ball through an assortment of obstacles, trying to get it into the hole. To me, they're a lot more fun than hitting a ball and then running after it and hitting it again for miles on end (no disrespect to golfers). With Mini Golf Courses, everyone stands an equal chance of making a putt!

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There are a couple of ways you can turn this sport into a money maker. One would be if you have a small plot of land anywhere near a tourist attraction that you can convert into a Mini Golf Course, building unique obstacle courses. You will charge your visitors an entry fee. You need to market your Mini Golf Course to tour agencies who might be interested to make your Mini Golf Course a fun stopover on their tours. Another way to run this is if you can make your Mini Golf Course obstacles mobile. That way you can contact event management companies who might be interested in setting up a Mini Golf Course as an attraction for their events. You then rent your Mini Golf Course obstacles on a unit basis - depending on how many obstacles they need. The beauty of this method is that you can store your Mini Golf Course safely away from the sun and rain until you need them again! Great weekend or part-time business for the avid golf nut!

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