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Goodie Packs
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o birthday party or childrens' event would be complete if the kids didn't get a goodie pack containing all sorts of snacks and toys to take home. It's a nice way to make sure everyone get a little treat even if they didn't win any prizes at the birthday party games. It's also a fantastic way to market a company's brand name if you're organizing a kids (or even adults) event of any kind.

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This is a business you can easily run from home, getting your friends and family to help out in the sorting and packing. Since goodie packs come in all sizes, shapes and price ranges, it's essential that you have an extensive network of suppliers that will be able to supply you with anything you need any given time. Of course there are many non perishable items likes balloons, party hats and rattles that you can stock up on since these will always be in demand and you save money if you buy them in bulk. Then there are the perishable food items that you can't stock up, so you will need to get them as and when you have an order.

This probably isn't something you can make money at if you think small, so you'll want to sell your service to event management companies. These are the folks who plan and organize all sorts of events, big and small for all sorts of companies. Your selling point will be the ability to package your goodie packs at a competitive price, complete with any branding required - company logo on the bags or balloons or party hats. Remember, there's simply no limit to the kinds of goodie packs that you can produce. Show your clients your creative edge and you might just find yourself up to your eyeballs in goodie packs!

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