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Childcare Referral Service
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t's a normal thing these days to have both parents working. With the increased income also comes specific problems, one of the most common would be the need for reliable and reputable child care. Child care referral is a low cost business that you can run from your home. It's perfect for people who choose to work at home and still provide a much needed service.

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People take child care very seriously. The problem isn't a lack of childcare services, but knowing which one to choose. Your job would be to know all the child care services available, be they actual businesses run by full-time child caregivers or stay-at-home moms who provide these services. Many parents simply don't have the time to do the research and find the situation that they feel most comfortable with. Every situation may be different. Some will only need their children to be cared for once or twice a week. Some may prefer a one-to-one situation if they feel uncomfortable with the care-giver taking care of other children.

You'll need to visit the facilities. Find out what makes each one unique. Take careful notes because parents will ask very specific questions. You'll need to be sensitive to the overall environment, whether the children there seem comfortable, the cleanliness of the facility and if you're a parent, ask yourself if you'd feel OK with YOUR child being there. You make your money by charging a placement fee to the parents. While it is also possible to receive a commision from the child care facilities, it is best to be very careful about such arrangements. Uppermost in your mind should be the well-being of your client's children. Your conduct and professionalism will bring you more referrals.

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