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Nail Painting Salon
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've developed a tendency to look at ladies hands and toes! No... my wife knows why I look at them. Some of these fingers and toes look lovely! They have beautiful designs painted on them and they just seem so much more attractive than just plain old toenails. One friend of ours regularly has her toe nails trimmed, buffed and painted. Just the toenails mind you - the nails on the hands are subject to a lot of housework so they tend to fade easily. And the price she pays for her toe-nail paint-job? Enough to pay for a meal for a family of four. Multiply that by two (if you include the hands) and it's no wonder nail painting salons are the rage these days. The profit margin seems too good to pass up.

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I'm told that you need to learn the art of cleaning and manicuring nails before you can move on to the fun part of nail painting. There are courses that teach you the skills you require, but you can always work your way up as an apprentice at your local nail-painting salons. Once you've got the skills and knowledge, you'll want to source for a location where there are lots of trendy shoppers. I'm told the quality of your workmanship and the durability of your finished artwork are what determines your reputation. And the reward for a great reputation and satisfied customers? Lots of word-of-mouth referrals and the privilege of charging up to a hundred bucks per hand! Nail... I mean mind blowing!

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