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Novelties Vending Machines
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loved them when I was a kid and now my kids love them - Novelties Vending Machines. These are little vending machines that spit out a small sweet, novelty or toy with every coin that you put in. I probably spent more than I should have on these machines, hoping to get THAT special toy that I KNEW was inside. Every coin I put in was new hope that I would get what I wanted. Even if I didn't get what I wanted, it was always a thrill to put in the coin, spin that dial and hear the treat roll down the machine and out into my hands!

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The vending machines themselves can be obtained from suppliers. What really sells is what's inside the machine. These novelties and toys can be bought in bulk from many countries like Thailand, Indonesia and China. Buying in bulk means that every toy of novelty could eventually lower your cost per piece to five cents! Now imagine charging 50 cents to a dollar for one spin and one novelty. I'd call that really good money! No worries about where to place your machines. You can find them anywhere! You'd of course have to agree to pay the store a fee for "hosting" your machine but if you cuts your costs by buying in bulk, it will be worth your while. This is another great part-time money maker.

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