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Electronic Scrapbook
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e all have old photographs and videos of the past that we keep (scattered) all over our homes. Not that these items mean any less to us - just that most of us are too busy to bother organizing them. Another reason why we don't do it is probably because we lack the skills and resources to create something beyond the ordinary physical scrapbook. One good way of dealing with this problem is to have all our precious photos and videos digitized and organized into an Electronic Scrapbook.

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This is a good money maker for the avid home-based multimedia genius. Using your skills with various computer software and your technical expertise, you will convert your clients collection of photos and videos into an electronic scrapbook. Turn all these memories into a video production of sorts, you will add music and visual effects. That way, when your client won't have to mess around with boxes and boxes of photos. All they need to do is pop in a CD into their DVD player or computer, sit back and relive fond memories. Before you begin your project, it would probably be a good thing to go through the materials your clients hands over to you. That way, you can sort of get to know the background of the photos and when it's time to assemble your electronic scrapbook, you will have a good idea of the mood your music needs to set, or any color preference your client may have. It is after all, THEIR electronic scrapbook. Good way to help people preserve and re-live their happy memories and make money at the same time!

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