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Face Painting
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t most fun events these days, you'll be able to find a long queue of kids (and adults) waiting to have their faces painted. Visitors add to the cheery atmosphere with little designs (flowers, logos, etc) brightly painted on their cheeks. My favorite is the cat nose and whiskers painted on little kids faces!

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With a little bit of practice, everybody can be a Face Painting Artist. Your basic tools are simple brushes and face paint. These can be obtained from your local arts supplier. Be warned that there ARE some types of face paints that will stain clothing so try and get the types that don't. The other things you'll need are lots of tissue and loads of creativity. It's easy to get started. All you have to do is practise on your family and friends. If you can't catch anyone to be your "victim" then, just sit yourself down in front of a mirror and let loose! There are many face painters who add glitter dust on their designs. A very nice touch although you need to be careful when applying it so you don't get any into the kids' eyes.

To start off, you could get in touch with event management companies and let them know you have this skill. Leave your contact details with them and sooner of later, they WILL call you up. There's no shortage of events that could use a good face painter to add to the merriment, so when you do get a gig, bring along your paints and a cheery attitude! This is a great weekend money making idea for the creative people!

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